Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More pics...

Here are some more pics of Tanit from the SASI Swimwear Edition 2005 (great mag). There site is www.sasi.co.za. I don't have permission to use any of these images (from Maxim or SASI), so I just hope they'll see the link back to their site and find that acceptable. Anyway here are the pics:

The last two photos are from some dude's blog. Sorry man, I can't remember your link, but thanks for the pics anyway.

Pictures of Tanit

Here are some pics of the lovely Tanit, courtesy of Maxim (www.maxim.com):

Tanit Phoenix Blog

I'm making a blog for the lovely Tanit Phoenix. If anybody has anything they want to share, anything at all, please send it to sexybeast1452cc@yahoo.co.uk.

And Tanit, if you're reading this, please send anything you want to share. If you do not approve of this blog then please say so.